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Episode 20: The Former Sixth Precinct Detroit Police Department with Samantha Rager

Sara and Detroit comic Samantha Rager explore the abandoned Detroit Police Department in Detroit, MI.

Episode 19: The Abandoned Eloise Asylum with Zach Martina

Sara and Detroit comic Zach Martina explore the abandoned Eloise Asylum in Detroit, Michigan. Sit with Sara and Zach in an old fashioned elevator while Sara tells the spine tingling tales of this haunted building.



Episode 18: Graceland Cemetery with the Checkeroski Sisters

Walk through the gorgeous and fascinating Graceland Cemetery with Sara and local comics (and sisters), Caitlin and Jessica Checkeroski. Sears tells some interesting stories about people buried here, they find a coyote, and so much more.

Episode 17: The Red Lion Pub with Aaron Klopfer

Sara visits the haunted and beautiful Red Lion Pub in Chicago, Illinois with local comic Aaron Klopfer.



Episode 16: The Iroquois Theatre Fire with Ron Ervin

Sara visits the site of the deadly 1903 Iroquois Theatre Fire with Chicago comic Ron Ervin.

Episode 15: The Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre with Adam Kwaselow

Sara visits the site of the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre in Chicago with local comic Adam Kwaselow and they discuss hauntings in the area and even a ghost that followed the infamous mobster, Scarface himself.



Episode 14: The Detroit Masonic Temple with Kyle Buck

Sara explores the haunted and conspiracy-laden Detroit Masonic Temple with Indiana based comic, Kyle Buck

Episode 13: The Whitney Haunted Mansion with Johanna Medranda

Sara explores the haunted Whitney Mansion in Detroit, Michigan worth local comic Johanna Medranda.



Episode 12: Jackson State Prison with Daryl Bean

Sara explores the haunted underground solitary confinement and tunnels of the Jackson State Prison in Jackson, Michigan with comedic guest Daryl Bean.

Episode 11: The Tokeland Hotel with Kat Buckley

Sara visits the Tokeland Hotel on the Washington coast with comedic guest Kat Buckley and they experience some strange, possibly paranormal oddities.



Episode 10: The Shanghai Tunnels with Jeremiah Coughlan

Explore the infamous Shanghai’s Tunnels in some of the darkest corners of Portland’s underground with Sara and comic Jeremiah Coughlan in one of the most anticipated episodes of this series.


Episode 9: The Wolf Creek Inn with Phil Schallberger

Explore the haunted Wolf Creek Inn, Oregon’s oldest bed and breakfast with Sara and Portland comic Phil Schallberger as they talk all about the other worldly residents in this historic inn.



Episode 8: The Interstate Bridge with Chris Khatami

Hang out with Sara and Chris at Hooters next to the Interstate bridge connecting Vancouver, Washington to Portland, Oregon in possibly the most laid back episode of this podcast and learn about a conspiracy from many years ago that might make you think twice when you cross this popular bridge.

Episode 7: The Hot Lake Hotel with Karl Berger

Join Sara and comedian Karl Berger as they explore the haunted Hot Lake Hotel, a museum and bed & breakfast that opened up after a psych ward and a hospital burnt down in La Grande, Oregon.



Episode 6: Candy Cane Park with Jay Shingle aka Andy Douglas

Visit Candy Cane Park with Jay Shingle (AKA Andy Douglas) and Sara and learn all about the haunting of Dana DuMars, a girl who was murdered in the park with a hatchet.

Episode 5: Elizabeth Lake with Justin Hoff

Explore Elizabeth Lake and learn about the mysterious demonic creature thought to lurk below its depths with Sara and Los Angeles comic, Justin Hoff.



Episode 4: The Queen Mary with David Agyekum

Come aboard the Queen Mary, a haunted ghost ship in Long Beach, California with Sara and comedian David Agyekum and learn all about this fun and creepy destination spot.

Minisode 3: Defensively Ordained

Every Sunday, we put out a minisode featuring ghost stories from YOU, our listeners! This week’s features Brandon, who also has a Weedtube channel you can check out here.



Episode 3: The Cobb Estate with Dan Donahue

In this week’s episode, Sara explores DeForest Park in Long Beach, California with comedian Kyle Ploof while they discuss and explore the hauntings there and get deep into their feelings about Nightmare on Elm Street, which seemed important at the time.

Episode 2: DeForest Park with Kyle Ploof

In this week’s episode, Sara explores DeForest Park in Long Beach, California with comedian Kyle Ploof while they discuss and explore the hauntings there and get deep into their feelings about Nightmare on Elm Street, which seemed important at the time.



Episode 1: McMenamins Edgefield with Caroline Smith

Sara is back with new comics and new stories! For this episode, Sara explores famously haunted McMenamin’s Edgefield in Troutdale, OR with comic Caroline Smith.

Welcome to Season 2!

Don't forget, each Sunday, Laughing in the Dark posts MINI EPISODES where listeners share their own terrifying ghost stories with Sara!

If you have a great ghost story or know somebody who does, we want to hear from you! Click here to tell us your story. We might want to put you on the show!

See Laughing in the Dark LIVE at the second annual Portland Podcast Festival!

The second annual Portland Podcast Festival is featuring 22 podcasts on three stages in two nights. Catch Sara on Friday, 11.9.18 on the Rainier Beer Stage at the Landmark Saloon. Buy tickets ahead of time at - this event WILL sell out!



Season One Halloween Wrap Up

Happy Halloween!! Thank you so much for joining us this season!

In this season wrap-up, Sara gets together with manager, Sarah Schneider and producer, Randall Lawrence and they discuss Frequently Asked Questions, read funny emails received during the season, and talk about how the season has been.

Check out Sara on The Jeff Peart Show on 10.29.18

Host of Laughing in The Dark, Sara Jones, stops by the Deadstock Coffee Studios just in time for Halloween! We chat about her love for haunted houses, why she likes to surprise her guests, her haunted wish list, and of course Halloween candy.


IMG_2165 (1).jpg

Sara Appears on Superduperstitious Episode 46 - The Hostess with the Ghostest on 10.25.18

For October’s final guest, Superduperstitious is visited by SARA JONES, host of the podcast Laughing in the Dark! Sara shares some strange experiences had on her own show, plus a pair of eerie stories from her childhood (did you know that she can sense boobs?).

Episode 27: The Comedy Store with Kyle Kinane

Sara checks out the haunted basement of the world famous Comedy Store in Hollywood, California with comedian Kyle Kinane. Sara shares the history and horrors that once happened in what’s known as the torture room.



Laughing in the Dark Goes LIVE!

Sara is joined on stage by four outstanding Portland comics: Becky Braunstein, James Barela, Dan Weber & Amanda Arnold at Kelly's Olympian in Portland, OR for the first ever LIVE show of Laughing In The Dark!

Laughing in the Dark at the House of Shadows:

Sara and comic Amanda Arnold explore the House of Shadows in Gresham, Oregon's ONLY full-contact terror experience. Check it out, if you dare! Be sure to check out the Stand Up Diet ( and, too!


Episode 26: Griffith Park with Sean White

Sara discusses hauntings and tragedies at Griffith Park in Los Angeles, California with comic Sean White.

Episode 25: Devil’s Gate Dam with Tess Baker

Sara travels to Pasadena, California to explore the Devil’s Gate Dam, telling comic guest Tess Barker all about the black magic sex cult that once frequented this mysterious destination believed by some to be a portal to hell.



Episode 24 Part 11: The Heathman Hotel with Wendy Weiss

Sara and Portland comic Wendy Weiss spend the night in a haunted hotel room. They finish their night with too much wine, a ritual, and attempt to make contact with spirits in the room. Part two of a two part episode!

Minisode 24: Haunted Michigan

A video sent by a caller named Dan about a haunting his son claims to have caught on video. "Watch the back bar where the silver bucket is," Dan tells me, "It happens real fast."


Episode 24 Part 1:The Heathman Hotel with Wendy Weiss

Sara and Portland comic Wendy Weiss spend the night in a haunted hotel room and discuss sex and ghosts in a haunted hotel made famous by Fifty Shades of Grey. They prepare for a night of ritual and laughter. Part one of a two part episode!

Episode 23: Fairview Training Center with Hunter Donaldson

Sara and comic guest Hunter Donaldson explore a haunted and abandoned mental institution in Salem, Oregon known as the Fairview Training Center.



Episode 22: Slocum House with Corina Lucas

Sara visits the historic and haunted Slocum House in Vancouver, WA with Portland comic Corina Lucas.

Episode 21: Fort Vancouver with Alex Falcone

Sara visits the haunted Fort Vancouver in Vancouver, Washington with Portland comic Alex Falcone.



Episode 20: Old Town Pizza with James Barela

Sara explores haunted Old Town Pizza in the heart of Portland, OR with local comic James Barela and together they discuss the strange and paranormal.

Episode 19: Lovecraft Bar with Amanda Arnold

Sara and comedic guest Amanda Arnold explore a haunted horror-themed dance club in Portland, OR called Lovecraft Bar.



Episode 18: Nunica Cemetery with Adam Degi

Sara explores the very haunted Nunica Cemetery in Nunica, Michigan with comic guest Adam Degi.

Episode 17: Hell's Bridge with Mike Logan

Sara visits legendary Hell's Bridge in Rockford, Michigan with comic guest Mike Logan.



Episode 16: Love Cemetery with Julia Ramos

Sara and her comic guest, Julia Ramos, go on a haunted tour from a tavern, a beautiful historic Victorian home, and to an old cemetery in North Portland, weaving the stories together as they travel to each destination.

Episode 15: The Welches Roadhouse with Nariko Ott

Sara goes to what she thought would be an abandoned haunted cabin in the woods of Welches, Oregon with comedic guest Nariko Ott. They were surprised to find that it in fact was no abandoned, but owned, ironically, by a funeral director!



Episode 14: Lake View Cemetery with Emmett Montgomery 

In this episode, Sara sits beside the haunted Lake View Cemetery in Seattle, Washington with sweet and funny Seattle comedian, Emmett Montgomery. Listen as they learn about the history of the cemetery and share the legends of the Witchens and the Boogalins!

Minisode 13: Jane & The Phantom of the Thornewood Catle

Check out Eunice's creepy video of her very own paranormal investigation conducted at the Thornewood Castle in Lakeview, Washington! Check out Minisode 13 of Laughing in the Dark to hear Eunice's ghost stories.


Episode 13: Gaines Point with Derek Sheen

Sara visits Seattle and takes a walk on a nice summer night with comedian Derek Sheen through a park by Green Lake in Seattle in an area known as Gaines Point, the location where a girl named Sylvia Gaines was murdered.

Episode 12: The Barlow Trail Roadhouse with Milan Patel

Sara and her comedic guest Milan Patel explore a log cabin restaurant in Welches, Oregon by Mt. Hood called the Barlow Trail Roadhouse which is reportedly haunted by three mysterious spirits.



Episode 11: Independence, Oregon with Alex Rios

Sara and her comedic guest Alex Rios stroll down Main Street in the very haunted town of Independence, OR. Join them as they discuss the haunted businesses and terrifying accounts of hauntings that residents of this spooky town have come to expect.

Episode 10: Oregon State Hospital with David Mascorro

Sara and her comedic guest David Mascorro explore the historic Oregon State Hospital in Salem, OR. One of the longest operating mental health facilities in the Northwest, the Oregon State Hospital is the location where the 1975 classic "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" was filmed... and also harbors a dark history.



Episode 9: Pied Cow Coffeehouse with Amanda Lynn Deal

Take a walk with Sara and comedic guest Amanda Lynn Deal through the whimsical Pied Cow Coffeehouse of Portland, OR, an eclectic Greek restaurant, coffee spot and hookah lounge situated in an old, legitimately haunted house in the heart of SE Portland. After the customers have left and the lights have been turned off, Sara reveals the history of this charming location by candlelight and tells the story of Lydia, the ghost said to haunt this magical place.

Episode 8: Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery with Becky Braunstein

Follow along on an adventure with Sara and comic guest Becky Braunstein as they explore the very old, very haunted Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery in Lafayette, OR. While Sara tells the story of the legend of a ghostly witch in this small, overgrown cemetery, both of them find themselves frozen in fear when they hear a car pull up to them in the middle of the night.



Episode 7: Lewis and Clark College with Adam Pasi

Take a walk on a dark, still night through the haunted campus of Lewis & Clark college with Sara and very funny comic guest Adam Pasi. Sara and Adam make their way to the Corbett House on campus where Sara tells the chilling story of Sunny Corbett and the ghostly events that transpired right beyond the doors they are sitting in front of.



Episode 6 Mashup: Minisode with Shannan Hunt

In this mashup version of Laughing in the Dark, Sara combines elements of main episodes and ghost story minisodes! Portland comedian Shannan Hunt shares ghost stories with Sara in the haunted basement of Kelly's Olympian, which also happens to be a part of the Shanghai Tunnels.



Episode 6: Lotus Isle Amusement Park with Dan Weber

Sara and guest Dan Weber explore the site of what was once an abandoned amusement park on Hayden Island called Lotus Isle, right across from Jantzen Beach. Sara shares the creepy and obscure details painting a picture of this surreal and haunted amusement park.

Episode 5: Holcomb Creek Train Trestle & Dick Road with Jake Silberman

Sara travels with guest Jake Silberman to a haunted spot where the Holcomb Creek Train Trestle crosses Dick Road teeming with terrifying local legends of strange and eerie experiences



Episode 4: Lone Fir Cemetery with Dylan Jenkins

Sara explores the haunted Lone Fir Cemetery in Portland, OR with guest Dylan Jenkins. Listen to the fascinating and horrifying tales of the people who are laid to rest in this expansive graveyard and join along as Sara and Dylan set out to find the final resting places of the various people they have discussed.


Episode 3: Cathedral Park with Steven Wilber

Take a stroll through the haunted Cathedral Park under the enchanting St. John's Bridge of Portland, OR with Sara and her goofy guest, Steven Wilber. Learn the chilling story of Thelma Anne Taylor and the theory of residual hauntings. Check out the instagram @litdarkpodcast for pictures to follow along with the episode!


Episode 2: Dammasch State Hospital with Lydia Manning

Check out the newest episode of Laughing in the Dark, where Sara and the very funny Lydia Manning explore the site of the Dammasch State Hospital, an insane asylum with a sordid past. Be sure to follow along on the instagram, @litdarkpodcast, for photos that accompany the episode!

Episode 1: The Witch's Castle with David Lloyd

Join Sara and her friend David Lloyd as they walk the trails of Forest Park in Portland, Oregon and explore the Witch's Castle! Laugh with this funny duo and learn the haunted history of this spooky site.


David Lloyd

Don't forget, each Sunday, Laughing in the Dark posts MINI EPISODES where listeners share their own terrifying ghost stories with Sara!

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Share your ghost story!

If you have a great ghost story or know somebody who does, we want to hear from you! Email us at We might want to put you on the show!