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Episode 11: Independence, Oregon with Alex Rios

Sara and her comedic guest Alex Rios stroll down Main Street in the very haunted town of Independence, OR. Join them as they discuss the haunted businesses and terrifying accounts of hauntings that residents of this spooky town have come to expect.

Episode 10: Oregon State Hospital with David Mascorro

Sara and her comedic guest David Mascorro explore the historic Oregon State Hospital in Salem, OR. One of the longest operating mental health facilities in the Northwest, the Oregon State Hospital is the location where the 1975 classic "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" was filmed... and also harbors a dark history.



Episode 9: Pied Cow Coffeehouse with Amanda Lynn Deal

Take a walk with Sara and comedic guest Amanda Lynn Deal through the whimsical Pied Cow Coffeehouse of Portland, OR, an eclectic Greek restaurant, coffee spot and hookah lounge situated in an old, legitimately haunted house in the heart of SE Portland. After the customers have left and the lights have been turned off, Sara reveals the history of this charming location by candlelight and tells the story of Lydia, the ghost said to haunt this magical place.

Episode 8: Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery with Becky Braunstein

Follow along on an adventure with Sara and comic guest Becky Braunstein as they explore the very old, very haunted Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery in Lafayette, OR. While Sara tells the story of the legend of a ghostly witch in this small, overgrown cemetery, both of them find themselves frozen in fear when they hear a car pull up to them in the middle of the night.



Episode 7: Lewis and Clark College with Adam Pasi

Take a walk on a dark, still night through the haunted campus of Lewis & Clark college with Sara and very funny comic guest Adam Pasi. Sara and Adam make their way to the Corbett House on campus where Sara tells the chilling story of Sunny Corbett and the ghostly events that transpired right beyond the doors they are sitting in front of.



Episode 6 Mashup: Minisode with Shannan Hunt

In this mashup version of Laughing in the Dark, Sara combines elements of main episodes and ghost story minisodes! Portland comedian Shannan Hunt shares ghost stories with Sara in the haunted basement of Kelly's Olympian, which also happens to be a part of the Shanghai Tunnels.



Episode 6: Lotus Isle Amusement Park with Dan Weber

Sara and guest Dan Weber explore the site of what was once an abandoned amusement park on Hayden Island called Lotus Isle, right across from Jantzen Beach. Sara shares the creepy and obscure details painting a picture of this surreal and haunted amusement park.

Episode 5: Holcomb Creek Train Trestle & Dick Road with Jake Silberman

Sara travels with guest Jake Silberman to a haunted spot where the Holcomb Creek Train Trestle crosses Dick Road teeming with terrifying local legends of strange and eerie experiences



Episode 4: Lone Fir Cemetery with Dylan Jenkins

Sara explores the haunted Lone Fir Cemetery in Portland, OR with guest Dylan Jenkins. Listen to the fascinating and horrifying tales of the people who are laid to rest in this expansive graveyard and join along as Sara and Dylan set out to find the final resting places of the various people they have discussed.


Episode 3: Cathedral Park with Steven Wilber

Take a stroll through the haunted Cathedral Park under the enchanting St. John's Bridge of Portland, OR with Sara and her goofy guest, Steven Wilber. Learn the chilling story of Thelma Anne Taylor and the theory of residual hauntings. Check out the instagram @litdarkpodcast for pictures to follow along with the episode!


Episode 2: Dammasch State Hospital with Lydia Manning

Check out the newest episode of Laughing in the Dark, where Sara and the very funny Lydia Manning explore the site of the Dammasch State Hospital, an insane asylum with a sordid past. Be sure to follow along on the instagram, @litdarkpodcast, for photos that accompany the episode!

Episode 1: The Witch's Castle with David Lloyd

Join Sara and her friend David Lloyd as they walk the trails of Forest Park in Portland, Oregon and explore the Witch's Castle! Laugh with this funny duo and learn the haunted history of this spooky site.


David Lloyd

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